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At Alice Springs Massage & Yoga we offer a range of services with Gift Cards available on request. 

Specialist Massage Treatments

Back Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - With Fiona

1.5hr Initial  - $195

1hr Regular  - $145

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) for Lymphoedema 1.5hr $195

Lymphatic massage uses light, rhythmic touch to enhance lymph circulation. The action improves the flow of immune cells, making it easier for the body to fend off disease and infection. Increased lymph circulation also helps reduce the load on the body caused by wastes and toxins and can reduce fluid retention.

Lymphatic drainage is a technique used to reduce swelling, whether due to an injury such as ankle sprain, surgery such as for a knee or plastic surgery, from cancer treatment, or from an illness such as sinusitis or fibromyalgia. Lymphatic massage can reduce the pain and inflammation associated with fluid retention. The technique is known as MLD (manual lymphatic drainage), and coupled with medical compression, it is very effective for treating lymphoedema,the chronic accumulation of lymphatic fluid usually the result of damage to the lymphatic system.


Oncology Massage - With Fiona

1hr Initial  - $150

1hr Regular  - $140

Oncology massage reduces side effects that may be experienced from conventional treatments for cancer and the disease process itself. Research has shown oncology massage improves the quality of life for people with a history of cancer.

Skin health is cared for with attention to skin care education and treatment of scars from surgery and radiotherapy. Oncology Massage training is an internationally recognised course and Fiona Gordon is an accredited Oncology Massage Therapist completing level 1and 2 and Advanced Techniques. For more information check


Scar Tissue Release - With Fiona

1hr Regular  - $140

Scar tissue is caused through trauma to the soft tissue of the body. Trauma may arise from injury in a car accident, cancer treatments such as radiotherapy, or surgery such as mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, knee or hip reconstruction, and other  types of trauma. Such trauma can reduce the body's range of movement, causing pain and discomfort and the tissue to feel fibrous and hard.


Using trigger points, barrier release and light cupping techniques, scar areas are softened and tissue is released to allow for more movement and greater comfort, blood and lymphatic flow.

Psychological and emotional states may also improve as scar tissue is addressed and the patient experiences better integration and normalisation of the tissues.


Oncology Massage with Scar assessment and treatment  - With Fiona

1.5hr Initial  - $195

1hr Regular  - $145


Pneumatic Pump - Used with other treatment from the list above

Add On - $50

Along with lymphatic massage, at Alice Springs Massage and Yoga we use a calibrated and graduated compression pump to treat lymphoedema and oedemas caused by trauma and immobility.


LLL - Low Level Laser - Used with other treatment from the list above

Add On - $50

Low Level Laser (LLL) therapy uses low intensity laser light to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and stimulate healing, a technique practised in clinics and hospitals worldwide. At Alice Springs Yoga & Massage Therapy we use a LLL scanner to reduce pain, inflammation and  fibrosis in lymphoedema. We also use hand-held Pulse Lasers, which clients can hire to help healing at home between clinic treatments.

Hiring is $50 per fortnight for handheld Pulse Lasers.


Medical Compression garment measuring and ordering. If not done as part of a treatment, the fitting is $85 plus garment cost.

Back Massage

Remedial Massage 

Currently seeking new therapist
1hr 30 mins - $195

1hr - $140

With locum therapist
(Check if available)

1hr 30 mins - $180
1hr - $130

Remedial massage is more vigorous and firm, working deeper into muscles and on specific problem areas. It is good for local backache, tense necks, and sports injuries and for those who do physical work or training.

Remedial massage with Fiona and Chloe is claimable on most private  health funds (check with your health fund)

Remedial massage with Cathy is not claimable.

Fiona's Massage Room 044.jpg

Remedial Massage with Fiona (with thermal stones option)

1hr 30 mins - $195

subsequent visits 1hr - $140

Remedial massage is more vigorous and firm, working deeper into muscles and specific problem areas. A thermal stone or hot stone massage is similar to a traditional massage, but the therapist also uses hot stones. The gliding of the hot oiled stones over the body creates a relaxing sensation, warming the client’s joints and tissues, increasing circulation and promoting deeper relaxation.Remedial massage with Fiona  is claimable on most private  health funds (check with your health fund)


Pregnancy Massage

1hr - $120 with Miriam Nichols

1hr - $145 with Fiona Gordon

Pregnancy or pre natal massage is used to reduce stress, reduce swelling in the arms and legs and relieve muscle and joint pain in pregnant women. Not claimable on private health funds.

Regular Massage Treatments

Back Massage

Sports Massage 

1hr - $140

Used to repair or avert injury in bodies which are heavily used.

• Pre-event as the ideal muscle warmup
• preventatively, regular massage aids muscle tissue repair, aids flexibility and shortens recovery time
• Heal injuries

Not claimable on private health funds

Back Massage

Therapeutic Firm Massage 

1hr 30 mins - $170

1hr - $110

Has the ability to relieve pain and tension, speed healing and increase energy and vitality. A therapy that calms the nervous system and increases circulation. Not claimable on private health funds


Relaxation Massage With Trainee Therapist
(check available)

1hr 30 mins - $145

1hr - $100

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