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These  aquatic classes are best suited for people who haven't exercised for a while or who need some personal attention. These small classes hold a maximum of 6 people, and will motivate you back into exercise in a safe and warm pool environment.  Our small classes have a therapeutic intent, and in particular focus on physical rehabilitation, fitness and relaxation. You will receive both individual attention and participate in group work for a class program that is determined by the capabilities of the individuals participating.  Activities include gentle warm ups, core strengthening, exercises for specific conditions and yoga-inspired cool downs.

Yoga Therapy - Individual Sessions



Our small closed groups will also allow for new supportive friendships to be established.

These classes are run in terms of 8 -10 weeks duration.

Classes are held at Acacia Hill School hydrotherapy pool, Spearwood Rd, Sadadeen.

The water temperature is 34 degrees. Depth is 4 feet.

Please note: As numbers are limited you must book to be assured of a place. If you are new to the classes you will need a one-off individual assessment prior to commencing classes.

Class Times: Mondays 4.30pm or 5.15pm, Thursdays 5.15pm     


What to Bring - Swim suit or wet gear, a towel, water bottle.  Extras: a bathrobe, ear plugs if needed.

What to Do - In order to preserve the quality of our water, we ask that you arrive freshly showered or that you have a rinse on site before entering the pool.

What to Expect - Please allow 5 minutes before class if you need to change and shower. We will enter the warm hydrotherapy pool where we will be active for up to 50 minutes. Your head is always above water if you want it to be. After class we suggest having a warm robe to put on over swimmers or soft clothes to wear after a quick rinse off.

For additional information, please call or email Fiona.

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Tel: 0412 753 373

3 Valley Court,

Braitling, 0870

Northern Territory


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